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MCBOA was established in 1986 by several motor coach operators in Minnesota who needed to make their voice heard to the officials at both the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Federal Department of Transportation. In doing so, it helped gain validity for the businesses they were operating and ultimately helped shape much of the forthcoming rules governing the charter bus industry after deregulation at the federal and state level.


MCBOA is an organization that is dedicated to its members and to the safety of the passengers on all buses throughout the country. The board of directors and members work with local, state, and federal officials and organizations to help keep up with the latest information and trends that are being passed down throughout the charter bus industry.


Since its early days, MCBOA has proven to be a leader in organizations and quite often duplicated by other states. Our organization has worked very closely with national bus associations, including the American Bus Association and the United Motorcoach Association. In doing so, our members stay at the forefront of the latest regulations, rules and safety related information.

This in turn has lead to some of the best-run transportation services in the nation. For our customers, that means they can travel with a MCBOA member knowing they have taken the steps and shown the desire to be with the companies who dedicate the needed resources to safety and governmental compliance.


Aside from the legal aspects, MCBOA has grown to be an organization of companies that work hard to make sure larger groups traveling to our state have access to unlimited numbers of vehicles of all different sizes to move groups for very large events. Getting in touch with any MCBOA member for your transportation needs offers peace of mind when other member companies join in to help make your travels a huge success. Thank you for visiting our website.

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