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Legislative Advocacy

In a strategic move to bolster its influence and effectiveness in shaping both national and local regulations, the Minnesota Charter Bus Operator Association (MCBOA) has opted to internalize the process, bringing it in-house. By leveraging the expertise and diverse perspectives of its esteemed Board of Directors, MCBOA aims to adopt a more personalized and hands-on approach to navigating regulatory frameworks. This shift not only enables the association to respond swiftly to evolving legislative landscapes but also fosters deeper engagement and collaboration among its members. Through direct involvement and close coordination with industry stakeholders, MCBOA is poised to drive meaningful change, advocate for the interests of charter bus operators on both national and local stages, and ensure the sustainable growth and prosperity of the sector in Minnesota.

We encourage all interested members to contact Rick Thielen directly at

For details on legislative issues that MCBOA is currently taking an interest in, please log in to our members only page.

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